WOJO launches a new co-working experience in East Africa

WOJO offers tailored coworking spaces for digital nomads and remote workers, as well as adaptable private offices for freelancers and businesses.

Mercure Nairobi has introduced the inaugural WOJO Workspitality® in Nairobi’s Upperhill district, providing versatile flexi spaces such as private offices, meeting rooms, enterprise, and coworking solutions for businesses.

Spanning an expansive 10,000 square feet, WOJO Nairobi occupies the 9th and 10th floors of Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upperhill. These spaces seamlessly integrate the functionality of a professional office with the comfort of hospitality, pioneering the Workspitality® concept in East and Central Africa.

Featuring 123 workstations, private offices, and 30 shared workspaces, these brightly lit coworking areas offer sweeping views of Nairobi’s skyline and the picturesque Ngong Hills. Strategically located near major business hubs and corporate centers, the hotel provides a convenient and accessible advantage for local and international businesses.

WOJO Nairobi is designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and telecommuters, fostering a stimulating environment conducive to creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

Located within Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upperhill, WOJO Nairobi benefits from the hotel’s locally inspired cuisine, curated by Chef Hilal Kaafarani. Utilizing 100% locally sourced and grown fresh produce and meats, guests and members of WOJO can indulge in sustainable meals with every order from the hotel.

WOJO offers tailored coworking spaces for digital nomads and remote workers, as well as adaptable private offices for freelancers and businesses. Emphasizing flexibility, the initiative allows for swift adjustments to changing needs, a feature absent in traditional office setups. Initiatives such as “Flexible Day Pass Offers,” monthly packages, and customizable contracts underscore Mercure Hotel’s dedication to innovation. By blending communal sharing, teamwork, and everyday living, this initiative seeks to revolutionize the work dynamic.

Gerard Moutou, General Manager Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upperhill, expressed his enthusiasm on the new initiative: “Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upperhill is proud to introduce WOJO Nairobi, the first coworking space that embraces the Workspitality concept to East Africa. Our goal is to provide flexible, collaborative and productive work spaces that cater to the ever-growing need for adaptability in the business ecosystem.”

WOJO provides adaptable office solutions, featuring 123 workstations, private offices, and 30 shared workspaces. Collaborative zones encompass lounge areas, communal phone booths, Zen boxes, and kitchenettes, embodying the Work. Share. Live. philosophy. Tailored options cater to diverse needs, with private offices serving as ready-made solutions for local businesses or group headquarters.

The coworking network facilitates remote work, offering flexibility and connectivity for individuals and teams. Fully-equipped meeting rooms ensure seamless guest hosting. With a range of services and customizable workspace options, individuals can tailor their environment to align with organizational preferences.

Fostering a culture of collaboration and community, WOJO Nairobi, strategically located within Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upperhill, provides dedicated spaces for meetings, professional events, and networking sessions. Users of WOJO Nairobi’s coworking space can effortlessly connect, enhancing collaboration opportunities. Additionally, Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upperhill can host events for up to 150 attendees, with the option to utilize the hotel’s catering services.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, WOJO Nairobi, situated at Mercure Hotel Nairobi Upperhill, offers relaxation areas. Mercure Hotel, a locally inspired establishment, serves authentic, locally sourced cuisines. The hotel also provides social event spaces and access to amenities and fitness facilities, ensuring a comprehensive work experience conducive to both productivity and well-being for professionals.

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