AI and cyber security to take centre stage at Africa CEOs Forum in Kigali

Key topics on the agenda include positioning Africa to remain competitive in the global AI landscape and addressing the necessary investments needed to counter the rise of cyberattacks

Bente Krogmann, CEO of mTek. Photo/ Courtesy

As technological advancements continue to shape the global business landscape, African CEOs are gearing up to discuss the critical intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity at the upcoming Africa CEOs Forum in Kigali.

Scheduled for May 16th and 17th, the summit will gather over 2,000 African and international industry leaders, public decision-makers, and prominent visionaries to discuss the continent’s most pressing priorities and shape its business agenda.

With the rapid adoption of AI technologies across various sectors, including finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation, African businesses are increasingly leveraging AI to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in the global market. However, as AI applications become more prevalent, the need to address cybersecurity concerns becomes paramount.

The integration of AI into business processes introduces new cybersecurity risks, including data breaches, identity theft, and malicious attacks. As such, CEOs and business leaders must prioritize cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive data, protect against cyber threats, and maintain the trust of customers and stakeholders. This, will therefore be a crucial topic.

Representatives from Kenya’s leading tech companies and CEOs will be attending this year’s Africa CEO Forum in Kigali, Rwanda, and among them are Bente Krogmann from mTek, Kaushik Burman of Spiro, Jesse Moore representing M-Kopa, Ian Usiri from Ramani, Jacqueline Wambua, General Manager-East Africa at Roche, and Harrison Muiru from Smart Applications Group.

Disruptive technologies have the potential to create new markets and eventually surpass leading companies in mainstream markets. mTek, a prominent Kenyan digital online insurance platform known for its user-friendly access to insurance products, along with M-Kopa and Ramani, has been recognized among the 10 most ‘disruptive’ African Startups at the Africa CEO Forum.

Against the backdrop of Kenya’s dynamic insurtech landscape, which has garnered global recognition, the CEOs will explore how digital health and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can improve access to and quality of healthcare. They will also discuss strategies to bolster tech ecosystems and infrastructure to position Africa as a global innovation and talent hub.

“We are thrilled that mTek is among the leading tech innovators representing Kenya at the
Africa CEO Forum. This presents an opportunity to showcase mTek’s significant
contributions to the healthcare sector and how technology can drive increased insurance
penetration across Africa,” said Bente Krogmann, CEO of mTek.

Digital technology plays a crucial role in bolstering insurance distribution, broadening insurance accessibility, cutting costs, and establishing sustainable business operations.

The proliferation of smartphones and internet coverage, alongside a robust insurance regulatory framework, holds potential for nurturing insurance innovation and penetration in Kenya.

Emerging trends, such as harnessing data to revolutionize insurance product development and customization, alongside increasing collaborations between insurers and tech companies, are propelling insurance adoption in Africa and enhancing healthcare outcomes.

Insurtech is transforming Kenya’s nearly century-old insurance industry, making the financial system more accessible to low-income demographics. This trend, observed globally, is reshaping the competitive landscape, challenging traditional structures, and markedly improving insurance accessibility.

According to the Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa (2020-2030), insurtechs have demonstrated significant promise in facilitating health system transformation across the continent.

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