Google hires a Kenyan and former Microsoft MD

Google Cloud has hired Jack Ngare to join Google Cloud’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer  as a Technical Director. PHOTO/Courtesy

Google Cloud has hired Jack Ngare to join Google Cloud’s Office of the  Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as a Technical Director.

Ngare joins Google Cloud from Microsoft, where he served as the managing director of the Africa Development Centre in Kenya. He has  over 15 years of experience in various business functions. 

Ngare has  worked at Finserve Africa as part of Equity Group, where he served as managing director. He is passionate about working with customers and helping drive digital transformation.

Google Cloud’s Office of the CTO helps  customers create their future with technology and  also guides Google on the  challenges the world is trying to solve.

“We are thrilled to have Jack join our growing team and bring his expertise to companies based in Kenya and around the world,” said Will Grannis, Chief Technology Officer.

Google Cloud’s Office of the CTO  is a global team of  technology experts and former enterprise CTOs. Their  mission is to foster collaborative innovation between Google Cloud and its  customers. The team works hand-in-hand with customers to address complex business challenges and advise companies as they transform their business with technology. 

By working closely with customers, OCTO also is able to spot and advise Google Cloud and Alphabet on emerging trends across industries, geographies and components of the cloud stack that our platforms and products must address.

“As Google Cloud builds its presence in Africa, I am honoured to join this growing team to better support local businesses,” said Jack Ngare.

Ngare added that with  the growth of digitisation, it is more important  to help companies use technology to modernise, scale, and reach their customers’ needs.

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