AlphabloQ and Cladfy selected for ARM Labs Lagos Techstars accelerator program

Each selected startup banks up to US$120,000 in equity funding, as well as access to training and a vast investor network.

Each selected startup banks up to US$120,000 in equity funding, as well as access to training and a vast investor network.

 Kenyan AlphabloQ, a real estate investment platform and Cladfy, which provides microfinance lenders with credit profiling, digitized loan management and access to affordable, reliable financing are among the 12 African tech startups that have been selected for the inaugural ARM Labs Lagos Techstars accelerator program.

The program will run for three months. It will also provide access to up to $120,000 in equity funding and other types of support for instance: access to training and a vast investor network to the selected ventures.

The program is launched by Techstars, a global investment business that provides access to capital, one-on-one mentorship, and customized programming for early-stage entrepreneurs, in partnership with ARM Labs, a Lagos-based innovation program focused on helping fintech startups.

The selected Nigerian ventures include:, which makes it safer to buy on social platforms through the use of payment protection.

CDcare, which is making it easy for Africans to own gadgets, appliances, cars and more at zero interest, through smart installment plans.

Flick, which enables users to connect multiple bank accounts and pay directly from one source.

Keble, which enables Africans at home and abroad to purchase fractional shares of global real estate.

Keza enables people to buy new and pre-owned smartphones on a flexible payment plan.

Salad provides employees with access to financial services and benefits beyond their monthly paycheck.

Sidebrief, which simplifies the process of starting and scaling a business across borders.

Towntalk provides shippers with real-time location and behavioral analytics, vehicle tracking, and access to insurance providers.

Vittas, a digital lender for healthcare providers.

Oystr Finance, provides lenders with an infrastructure to help them launch low-risk micro-loan products.

The program will conclude with a demo day on March 16.



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