World Mobile Joins GSMA

World Mobile has become a member of GSMA, the global organisation unifying the mobile ecosystem. PHOTO/Courtesy.

World Mobile, the first mobile network built on blockchain and run by the people, has become a member of GSMA, the global organisation unifying the mobile ecosystem.

World Mobile is the first mobile network built on blockchain. With nearly four billion people left offline, digital exclusion is a significant problem. Unlike traditional mobile networks, World Mobile works with local businesses and entrepreneurs, giving them the power to connect their local communities via a sharing economy. World Mobile’s hybrid network utilises both air and ground assets to deliver network coverage in rural areas where previously it was not possible.

World Mobile recently announced it will be launching in Zanzibar in Q3, followed by launches in mainland Tanzania and Kenya and then a roll-out across Africa and the world. It is the first step in its mission to help bring four billion people online before 2030, in line with the UN and World Bank’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

The World Mobile approach is built on blockchain technology and environmental sustainability, based on creating a ‘sharing economy’ where local entrepreneurs can share in the ownership and the rewards that the network generates. World Mobile’s mission to deliver digital IDs and digital wallets, whilst focussing on data privacy, goes beyond connectivity to really connect the unconnected and bridge the digital divide.   

“World Mobile services are crucial in the evolution of the mobile ecosystem. It is great news that World Mobile, a worldwide leader in first mobile network built on blockchain and the sharing economy has decided to join GSMA to participate in Wholesale Agreements & Solutions Group (WAS), and also to gain from the benefits of the GSMA membership”, said Barney Stinton, Head of Membership, GSMA.

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