UberEats, Text Book Centre enter online delivery deal

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Book retailer Text Book Centre (TBC) and logistics platform UberEats Kenya have penned a partnership in which book buyers will make orders online.TBC is banking on UberEats platform to drive sales across its 11 branches in Kenya.

The firm also has operations in Uganda, Sudan, Somalia, Malawi, Zanzibar and Tanzania.As part of its business diversification strategy, TBC has ventured into selling computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers, paper shredders and other office equipment and supplies.

“This venture will help us widen our reach by offering an omni-channel sales approach and better customer experience through faster order fulfilment,” said Risper Oluga, TBC e-commerce manager.The firm also runs its own online shopping platform on its website, which it hopes to link with the delivery service.

The book seller, which is scaling up adoption of technology at a time e-books are gaining popularity, is joining a growing list of businesses that are using e-couriers to grow sales and expand market reach.
Kenya’s ICT sector has attracted many investors, eyeing billions of shillings in tech start-ups, digital platforms, and manufacture of tech products.

Official data shows ICT jobs recorded a 43 percent growth between 2013 and 2021, translating into 132,100 jobs in 2021 compared to 92,400 registered in 2013.

The partnership, UberEats, said seeks to address the increasing demand for diversity of delivery services. The service provider that started operations in Kenya in 2018 exclusively uses motorbikes to deliver food orders.
Customers pay within the Uber Eats app by requesting a push notification from the rider.



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