South African crypto exchange OVEX spreads its wings to Kenya

OVEX, which started in South Africa, is touted as a cryptocurrency exchange that bridges the gap between the world of traditional finance and crypto.

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Brokerage and digital asset exchange OVEX has now expanded its tentacles into Kenya.

OVEX, which started in South Africa, is touted as a cryptocurrency exchange that bridges the gap between the world of traditional finance and crypto.

The platform, which pioneered institutional access to crypto, has now expanded into more than 16 African countries.

The exchange enables users to buy, sell, store, and earn cryptocurrency “with complete surety in the safety of your funds”.

The platform prides itself in adhering to highest standards of compliance and security. The exchange was originally built for institutions but has now expanded its services to individual traders.

By mainly operating as an institutional-grade exchange means OVEX has to adhere to the highest standards of compliance. OVEX has received approval from many regulators in African countries and has even attained accreditation in realms outside cryptocurrency deals.

“This puts OVEX in a unique position – capable of providing an A-Z service to its clients that span the world of crypto and traditional finance,” says the firm.

The platform favours institutional access to crypto because it offers discounts on high-volume investments. In addition, it gives clients personalised, round the clock support to enable them meet their investment goals.

The firm boasts “a deep liquidity engine which enables the exchange to buy and sell crypto assets quickly and at stable prices. This gives large investors peace of mind when trading on the exchange “knowing their orders, no matter the size, are settled instantaneously with ZERO slippage and off of open order books”.

OVEX also offers an instant buy/sell trading tool that enables retail crypto investors to sidestep intricate order books.  It offers traders to instantly buy and sell competitive rates on over 60 different cryptocurrency pairs.

The platform is designed to address challenges related to Africa’s banking scene, such as cross-border payments and trade finance. It already processes millions of dollars in monthly volume enabling African businesses to make cross border payments at a fraction of the cost and at lightning speed.

Some of the OVEX exchange features include the ability to offer clients large credit lines and trade instantly; A dedicated trading team is on hand 24/7 (exclusive for OTC clients); Instant execution; State-of-the-art institutional-grade security; Zero price slippage (prices are locked on orders of any size). Others are OVEX offers the largest range of currency pairs and digital assets; the ability to transact across multiple jurisdictions; robust balance sheet and credit history; and Competitive transaction pricing for larger orders.


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