SBM Bank COO wins Finnovex Awards

SBM Bank COO wins Finnovex Awards. PHOTO/Courtesy

SBM Bank’s  Chief Operating Officer, Amrit Gayan has been named the best Financial Innovator of the Year in the region at the second Finnovex East Africa hybrid summit.

The Finnovex Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements and stellar work done by various individuals, financial institutions, service providers, pioneers and visionaries who have transformed and propelled the financial services industry.

The summit, coupled with the awards ceremony brought together various stakeholders to discuss the financial services innovations, the role of fintech and telecoms, and the importance of harnessing Fintech’s leap in fuelling financial inclusion and excellence within the region.

Mr Gayan has been recognised for his effort in implementing innovative strategies that have catapulted the Bank into a digitally focused financial institution.

Speaking about his win, SBM Bank’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Amrit Gayan appreciated the recognition of his efforts in transforming the banking industry.

“At SBM Bank we are committed to offering innovative and unmatched cashless, payments and business solutions for a smarter tomorrow,” he said.

 The bank  has adapted and transformed to fit its digital-savvy customers. Gayan noted that the bank is constantly improving and implementing reliable systems that help reach geographically distant and diversified markets as well as control risks attracted by the innovations.

Commenting on Mr Gayan’s win, the bank’s  Chief Executive Officer Moezz Mir said that the win  is a true testament to the SBM’s continuous effort in providing innovative banking solutions. 

“We are glad to have him as a valuable member of the SBM Bank leadership team,” Mir said.

Mr Mir promised that  SBM bank will carry on with continuous digitalisation and streamlining of complex banking operations and creating innovative banking solutions.

 So as to fit in the current customer base and  the evolving financial sector ecosystem, the bank intends to roll out more digital transformation products and features such as bill payments, virtual cards, QR codes, account opening for individual customers and fleet card management for corporate customers, Mir said 

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