Sasai Fintech awarded a certificate of compliance by the GSMA

Securing this compliance helped Sasai standardise its integration process. PHOTO/Courtesy

Sasai Fintech,  a business of Cassava Technologies, Africa’s first integrated technology company has been awarded the compliance approval for merchant payments and bulk disbursements on GSMA digital wallet’s Mobile Money.

Darlington Mandivenga, Sasai Fintech CEO says everyone deserves a seamless, safe and convenient way of making financial transactions. 

“Becoming GSMA compliant is yet another achievement in our journey to create digital financial independence on the continent,” Mandivenga said.

Securing this compliance helped Sasai standardise its integration process. The GSMA Mobile Money API Compliant mark is also a ‘quality seal’ enabling it to comply with international best practices, providing partners with the assurance of security, robustness and adherence to world-class standards.

It reflects best practices in design and security for mobile wallet operators and driving industry convergence toward standard technical specifications for mobile money API development. This makes it easier for mobile money and third-party service providers to connect and scale financial products securely and quickly.

The GSMA’s Chief Technology Officer, Alex Sinclair says that the technology is geared toward supporting financial inclusion by encouraging the growth of mobile money platforms.

“This new service will enable all service providers to connect with each other in a simplified manner and reduce the lengthy and cumbersome Mobile Money API integration process,” Sinclair said.

Through increased access to the internet and technology, Sasai aims to simplify the mobile payments methods, improve integration, and optimise merchant adoption of our services.

“Being awarded this compliance certification for our digital payments platform from a highly-regarded industry body such as the GSMA is a strong testament of our pledge to all our existing and potential customers that we deliver a robust and highly credible payment infrastructure,” concluded Mandivenga.

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