Safaricom rolls out myCounty app, Makueni County first to embrace the platform

myCounty seeks to make access and payment of county services more convenient for the public, saving them from having to visit county offices for manual payments.

Safaricom has launched myCounty, a platform that allows all 47 counties in Kenya to digitize their services and provide a single access channel for citizens.

Makueni County is the first county to integrate into the platform, with plans to gradually include all 47 counties in the coming months.

The platform includes payment for county services, revenue management systems, citizen reporting and engagement tools, and solutions for agriculture, health, utility bills, and SME programs.

The myCounty app will be accessible through USSD short codes, Android and iPhone apps, and a mini-app on the M-PESA Super App, which will offer county services and payments.

myCounty seeks to make access and payment of county services more convenient for the public, saving them from having to visit county offices for manual payments.

It also provides 24/7 access to county services, increased revenue collection, and better visibility of revenue collection and performance for counties.

Users can select their county of residence, which will link them to the specific county’s services for processing requests.

All users can also access services from other counties, enabling payment of parking fees and other common fees.

myCounty also includes a “Sema Na Governor” feature, allowing residents to engage their governor or report issues.

Makueni Governor, Mutula Kilonzo said, “More than its convenience and accessibility, this app is a tool for breaking through barriers, challenging the status quo and reimagining what is possible. It is a tool for leadership, for inspiring our citizens to be bold and visionary in their thinking and to embrace the power of change to create a better county for themselves and generations to come. It is a recognition that the power to change the world is within each one of us.”

It further provides key county and emergency services, including requests for fire, ambulance, police, and more at the tap of a button.

The platform will also allow counties to provide customized information on their services.

Safaricom has developed a “gateway” that integrates services from all county providers in one digital channel.

Counties will also benefit from additional capabilities, including revenue management, cash and bank reconciliation, credit control and debt management, and business intelligence systems.

The company will host the service as part of the Safaricom Cloud, providing big data and analytics solutions, and digital receipts and electronic notifications for app users.

“We are delighted to partner with Makueni County as they become the first devolved unit in the country to provide all their services on myCounty App. myCounty provides individuals and organisations with a single, convenient point where they can access, manage, and pay for all county services. The service will be available for all 47 counties as a smartphone app, web portal and short code and will integrate both current and upcoming services irrespective of the County’s provider of choice, and in addition, provide a management portal,” said Safaricom Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Peter Ndegwa.

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