Inspirant Group introduces Operational Agility Practice Area

Operational Agility will address the increasing needs for organizational change and operations effectiveness. 

Inspirant Group, the award-winning, disruptive management consulting firm, has announced the introduction of a new practice area, Operational Agility, to address the increasing needs for organizational change and operations effectiveness. 

Saman Pourkermani will serve as Practice Lead, moving into a newly established role. Previously, he was Director, Digital Transformation and Product Development at the Company.

“In working with Fortune 500 companies on large scale transformation initiatives, we observed an increasing need for organizations to maintain their competitive advantage while keeping up with the constantly changing demands of today’s global marketplace,” explains Meighan Newhouse, CEO and Co Founder, Inspirant Group. 

Newhouse said the experts in Agile will address these issues to help clients to stay innovative and maximize efficiencies.

“I’m thrilled to introduce Inspirant Group’s Operational Agility practice to assist our clients in staying innovative while advancing existing systems and broadening capabilities,” explains Sam Pourkermani, Practice Lead, Operational Agility, Inspirant Group. 

Pourkermani says their firm  will help clients to be more nimble and responsive when change is required while actualizing measurable, bottom-line results.

The Operational Agility Practice works with Fortune 500 companies on large-scale ($105M+) transformation initiatives which optimize delivery performance by applying Lean and Agile principles. 

With a focus on four distinct areas: Operational Effectiveness Assessment, Enterprise Operational Model & Design, Team Operational Model & Design, and Strategic Project Selection, clients significantly enhance delivery speed, quality, employee engagement and productivity.

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