Imagin takes a leap into metaverse

Imagine leaps into the metaverse, becoming the first European fintech company in the virtual world.

Imagine leaps into   the metaverse, becoming the first European fintech company in the virtual world. 

imagin, the digital services and lifestyle platform backed by CaixaBank, will be entering the metaverse in the coming days by way of imaginLAND.

This  innovation  will be launched with the virtual version of imaginCafé in downtown Barcelona. The platform will offer immersive content and experiences to its user community through imaginLAND, its project in the metaverse.

The platform will promote culture, creativity and technology through its content. imaginLAND  will be launched with a concert by Marlon that will be recorded in 360º multi-camera format.

This initiative further reinforces imagin’s position at the forefront of digital innovation and its commitment to superior user experience

The project will enable the platform to launch and run initiatives in the virtual reality universe and will be available to its entire community of users. The initiative will offer immersive experiences through imaginLAND to the more than 3.7 million imagin users, who will be able to enjoy imagin’s content in the metaverse. 

The metaverse version of imaginCafé, modelled in 3D, will be found on virtual platform Decentraland in Forrest Plaza (plot 8.68), one of its busiest districts, and users will be able to enter from their digital devices using a link or QR code.

The users, through their digital devices, will be able to attend the concert from the metaverse and to live a completely immersive experience in the virtual reality.

The content in imaginLAND will be renewed on a monthly basis and will progress over the coming months as imagin develops new virtual experiences and services.

This project is testament that imaginCafé continues to evolve beyond the boundaries of the physical world. The space was launched in 2017 as a place to foster initiatives connected to technology and the creative industries, and since its beginnings all the contents have also been available online. It now goes a step further and will leap into the metaverse to enable users to enjoy the experiences immersively from anywhere.

To further boost the relationship between the physical space and the digital and virtual environments, imaginCafé will feature a corner in its physical space dedicated to the metaverse, where all visitors can enjoy the imaginLAND experience through virtual reality headsets.

In the metaverse as a whole, in addition to the experiential space in Decentraland, imagin also acquired a virtual plot in the augmented reality platform OVR, in which it has also set up its imaginCafé.

Imagin’s innovative spirit is not only conveyed through a fully digital service offering, but also from a conceptual standpoint too. It has established itself as a platform that goes beyond its primary role in finance, setting a high standard for digital content aimed at lifestyle more generally.

In addition to its own content offering, imagin continues to commit to incorporating third-party products and technologies through partnerships with other fintech companies and start-ups. 

Over the past year, imagin has reached agreements to offer its users special experiences and benefits integrated into the app with partners such as Booking, Nike, Airbnb,, TUI and Zalando, among others. Furthermore, imagin has integrated start-up technologies such as Earthly into its platform to help users offset their CO2 emissions, and Bankify, the “Like&Share” social component that encourages imaginers’ interaction with the content available in the app, as well as interaction between different community users.

Imagin  offers digital, financial and non-financial services that help its users, mainly young people under 30, with their daily lives and future projects. It currently has a community of 3.7 million users, a figure that is constantly growing thanks to the wide range of content and services — many of them free to access — and to how easy it is to sign up and associate products, something that, unlike traditional banks, does not necessarily involve registering as a financial customer.

The digital contents of imagin are organised around six major areas: music (imaginMusic), videogames (imaginGames), trends (imaginCafé), technology (imaginShop), sustainability (imaginPlanet) and solidarity (imaginChangers). imagin also offers special experiences and advantages in areas such as travel and urban mobility.

In addition, the imagin application provides a range of financial products to cover the savings and financing needs of young people as they transition into adulthood and start to have their own income and their own lifestyle projects. In that regard, imagin is adhering to the characteristics that have turned it into the leading bank for young people: mobile only banking (the services are provided exclusively through the app, with no branches and no website, which solely fulfils an informative purpose), with no fees for the user and its own simple and clear language, especially suited to directly communicating with young people.

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