IBM unveils Osprey, its largest quantum computer with 433 qubits

IBM aims to build a larger quantum computer with over 1000 qubits.

IBM's modularity is referred to as Quantum System Twos, that allows the firm to make larger computer over time.

International Business Machines Corp (IBM) has built the largest quantum computer dubbed Osprey.

The powerful computer has 433 quantum bits, triple the size of its 127-qubit computer named Eagle machine that the company launched last year.

Also, the latest quantum computer is eight times larger than Google’s 53-qubit computer, Sycamore.

Speaking on Wednesday during the launch, IBM director of research, Dario Gil said the firm is aiming to build a larger quantum computer with over 1000 qubits.

“As we push the limits of the size of the Osprey chip that we’re announcing, if you look at it, it’s really big already. Next year, 1000 is going to be very big,” he said. ” So after that, we have been designing and engineering the whole architecture for quantum computing based on modularity,” Mr Gil said adding that IBM has over 20 quantum computers around the world that customers can access through the cloud.

Quantum computers are said to solve problems that conventional computers could never tackle.

However, there is no consensus on the best way to make one.

IBM’s modularity is called Quantum System Twos, which allows the firm to make larger computers over time.

“Modularity means the chips have to be interconnected to one another. IBM can build a system with up to 16,632 qubits by linking three of these systems,” added Mr Gil.


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