Google Doodle celebrates Valentines Day

The doodle celebrates the most romantic day of the year.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Rain or shine, will you be mine?  This is the opening statement accompanying the Google Doodle today.

The doodle celebrates the most romantic day of the year, “When people all over the world express affection to their lovers, friends, and partners through gifts, greetings, and more.”

The doodle is also animated.

At first, two droplets are shown in a delightful and lovely concept with happy smiles. The two look to be quite sad later, as one water droplet moves away from the other. I mmediately as the second droplet sees the first one fall, it falls too to the ground and joins the first to form a heart.

According to Goole Doodle website, in the Middle Ages, European countries like England and France believed that February 14th was the start of mating season for birds.

“They associated this phenomenon with love and began romantic celebrations soon after. The holiday became more popular throughout the world in the 17th century. Whatever your forecast looks like today, we hope you enjoy celebrating with your special someone.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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