Get to know top YouTubers who are ruling the world

For those who possess unique ideas, YouTube channels can be the best place to express them. It is now one of the best platforms to showcase your content and if the world likes what you do, you are certain to garner massive following. YouTube channels are now deployed by individuals and firms to drive brands and earn a fortune in the process. The key selling point is that these channels are virtual and knows no barriers of any form.

Here is a list of individuals and entities who have understood the game and are thriving beyond their dreams:


Subscribers – 225M

T-Series and PewDiePie have been jostling for top slot on YouTube with the bone of contention being the number of subscriber. PewDiePie had ruled the charts for long but India’s T-Series’ staged a coup recently, propelled by popularity of its music videos and film trailers. India is also a populous country and this is the reason the channel, whose content is in the Hindu language, is thriving.

  1. CocoMelon- Nursery Rhymes

Subscribers – 145M

Cocomelon focuses on 3D animation videos of traditional nursery rhymes and original children’s songs. Their videos, which mainly feature children, adults, and animals in their day to day activities, show the lyrics of the rhymes at the bottom of the screen. The videos are a blend of standalone music videos, compilations, and livestreams.

  1. SET India

Subscribers – 143M

SET is an abbreviation of Sony Entertainment Television. SET is a popular television channel in India and its YouTube channel has benefitted greatly from the TV’s massive following. The YouTube channel have on its rich menu thrillers, dramas, events, comedies, game shows, dance shows. The channel is owned by Sony Pictures.

  1. Felic Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie) 

Subscribers – 111M

As stated above, PewDiePie stayed at the top of YouTube charts for a considerable amount of time thanks to his diverse videos. Kjellberg mainly streamline videos of himself playing different games. He also has a meme review series and does some vlogging. His strength lies in his strategy of working with other famous YouTubers to leverage on their success to drive views and videos.

  1. Jimmy Donaldson (Mr Beast)

Subscribers – 105 M

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is an American YouTuber who juggles several balls at the same time. He is an entertainer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist all rolled into one. His forte is expensive stunts and he rewards winners thousands in dollars for video challenges. He has also raised millions in dollars for conservation, particularly planting of tress.

  1. Like Nastya

Subscribers – 101m

Like Nastya is also a kids’ YouTube channels whose popular has been on an upward trend over the years. Nastya, also known as Anastasia Radzinskaya, is a

Russian-American YouTuber aged 8. Her parents help her to run the channel. She was born in Russian where she started her channel, before relocating to Florida in the United States.

She began the channel as a toy unboxing platform but later changed it to show visits to amusement parks in different countries.

  1. WWE

Subscribers – 93 M

The popularity of the channel draws from the fact that millions enjoy watching World Wrestling Entertainment. The YouTube channel features videos on WWE Superstars, backstage fallout from live shows including Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and original shows such as Top 10, List This, WWE’s The Bump, and much more.

  1.  Zee Music Company

Subscribers – 83.3M

Another Indian company doing very well on YouTube. The company has drawn the attentionof Bollywood Music scene. Its competitor isT-series. The company has an extensive library housing over 222,000 hours of television content and 3,818 movie titles.

It predominantly shares official Indian music videos on its YouTube channel.

9.Vlad and Niki 

Subscribers – 87.1M

Vlad and Niki continue the popularity of kids’ YouTube channels. The channel stars the imaginative personalities and antics of brothers Vlad and Niki, showcased in non-stop fun and crazy adventures. They are clearly talented young creators. They launched their first channel in 2018 and have subsequently opened a range of additional channels, including Vlad and Niki Arabic, Vlad and Niki ARA, Vlad and Niki IDN, and Sweet Songs – Nursery Rhymes. Each episode is produced with a creative mix of live-action, animation, and music to create comedic videos for a preschool audience.

  1. 5-Minute Crafts

Subscribers – 81.6M

The 5-Minute Crafts channel life hacks and crazy home science tricks and teaches people how to do them themselves. The platform primes itself as a place where people can “experience the joy of doing it yourself.” Some of the videos on the side include ‘You Need to save For the future, ‘Amazing beauty and hair hacks to look like a star’, ‘Simple hacks and crafts to make your camping trip more enjoyable’



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