From Zero to Hero: How small African businesses can achieve big results with Syspro ERP

Whether a startup looking to establish a strong foundation for future growth or an established SME seeking to streamline operations and drive efficiency, Syspro ERP can be customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of each business

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Africa’s micro-economy as they offer products and services that cater to daily needs.

However, these businesses, usually with less than 250 employees, often face challenges in scaling their operations and achieving long-term success. From limited resources, traditional modes of doing business, low access to capital to navigating complex regulatory environments, African SMEs must constantly innovate and adapt to thrive in competitive markets.

Amidst these challenges, the adoption of cutting-edge technology solutions can serve as a catalyst for growth and transformation. One such solution that holds immense potential for SMEs in Africa is the Syspro Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Syspro ERP is a comprehensive business management solution designed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainable growth. Tailored to meet the specific needs of SMEs, Syspro ERP offers a suite of powerful tools and functionalities to optimize key business processes across various departments, including finance, inventory management, production, and customer relationship management.

For SMEs to leapfrog the various hurdles, Kevin Dherman, Chief Innovation Officer at Syspro advises them to compete at a greater scale by replacing manual systems with new ones. “By integrating your operations into an ERP platform, you can ensure agility, connectedness and embrace innovation to transform your business for enhanced growth and long-term sustainability,” Dherman says.

At its core, Syspro ERP enables small African businesses to achieve big results by providing a centralized platform for managing critical business functions. By consolidating data and automating workflows, Syspro ERP empowers businesses to make informed decisions, improve productivity, and unlock new opportunities for innovation and expansion.

A food processing firm that serves 20 clients per month in Nairobi, Kenya but struggles with the challenges of procurement, regulatory compliance, safety issues, quality, perishability, and the demand for faster turnaround times won’t survive for long in the market. Enter Syspro’s ERP and most of these challenges get solved. The software helps it  cut costs and injects better efficiency compared to competitors. This catapults it to higher levels of profitability and wider client base.  

Using Cloud ERP, according to Paulo De Matos, Chief Product Officer at Syspro, you can manage all supplier and distribution channels in one cohesive system with visibility across your entire network. “A scalable ERP system gives you the choice and flexibility to engage on any device or platform. This enables businesses to manage software costs as an operational or capital expense dependent on unique business requirements and budget,” he says.

Imagine an SME in Monrovia, Liberia that ventured into the business of polymers, resins and additives in the past year. With the rise of 3D-printing technology, and the shift towards e-commerce, the firm needs to move fast and align itself with current market trends. All this can best be enabled by ERP software. According to Darren Edwards, Head of Product Operations at Syspro, real-time updates on manufacturing processes enable managers to take swift action and keep production on track. “By analyzing data from sensors and cameras, manufacturers can monitor product quality in real-time, identify defects and take corrective action before defective products leave the production line,” Edwards notes.

One of the key advantages of Syspro ERP is its scalability and flexibility, making it ideal for businesses at every stage of growth. Whether a startup looking to establish a strong foundation for future growth or an established SME seeking to streamline operations and drive efficiency, Syspro ERP can be customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of each business.

A Lagos-based small-scale dealer in fabricated metals facing challenges with manual inventory management, order processing, and production scheduling would struggle to meet customer demand and maintain profitability. But upon implementing Syspro’s  inventory management module, the SME is bound to experience a significant improvement in its operations and financial performance due to optimized stock levels, and minimized stockouts. By automating production workflows and tracking key performance indicators, the SME is able to identify bottlenecks and optimize resource allocation, resulting in cost savings.

Syspro’s ERP streamlines core business processes, such as inventory management, order processing, and financial reporting, reducing manual tasks and minimizing errors. By automating routine tasks, businesses can improve operational efficiency and focus on strategic initiatives. It is ideal for SMEs dealing with furniture, medical equipment, industrial machinery, automotive parts, chemicals, electronics, food and drinks, plastics and packaging.

The software comes with robust customer relationship management (CRM) features that enable businesses to better understand and serve their customers. By centralizing customer data and automating communication workflows, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Compliance and risk management are sensitive business areas that need keen attention. Syspro includes built-in compliance features and robust security controls to help businesses mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance. This is particularly important for small African businesses operating in industries with stringent regulatory requirements.

In addition to these benefits, Syspro offers a range of industry-specific modules and add-ons to meet the unique needs of different business sectors. Whether in manufacturing, distribution, retail, or services, Syspro ERP can be tailored to address specific industry challenges and requirements, further enhancing its value proposition for small African businesses.

The software is designed with ease of use in mind, with an intuitive interface and user-friendly features that enable rapid deployment and adoption. This is particularly advantageous for small businesses with limited IT resources, allowing them to leverage the full capabilities of Syspro ERP remotely on smartphones without extensive training or technical expertise. 

For any African SME that targets more profitability this year, having a robust ERP system will be key, and tailoring it to all business needs will be phenomenal – and they’ll all get it right with Syspro ERP.


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