Bolt Food expands to Mombasa

This move will provide convenience and quality services to Mombasa residents at the touch of a button.

Bolt Food, the leading online delivery platform in Kenya, has launched its services in Mombasa City, as part of its recent announcement on investment and expansion in the country.

This move will provide convenience and quality services to Mombasa residents at the touch of a button.

Bolt Food plans to expand to other
neighbourhoods within Mombasa in the coming weeks.

After its official launch in Nairobi in 2021, Bolt Food has expanded to Mombasa, making it the second city in Kenya to enjoy the company’s services.

The platform will serve residents in Ziwani, Tudor, Makupa, Tononoka, Kibokoni, Ganjoni and surrounding areas, providing them with a great selection of restaurants offering various cuisines, including Swahili delicacies, African cuisine, Fast Food, Continental dishes, and Seafood platters.

Some notable restaurants include KFC, Chicken Inn, Galito’s, Java House, Adams Barbeque, Crave Mombasa, Snack Attack Restaurant, Milia Gardens, and Damascus Shawarma.

Customers in Mombasa will receive free delivery offers and up to 50% full menu discounts on their first three orders.

The onboarded restaurants will increase their customer base, and couriers will have competitive earning options while exercising independence in how they conduct their business.

Bolt Food Country Manager, Edgar Kitur said, “We are delighted to launch our services in Mombasa City as part of our nationwide expansion plan. Mombasa remains an integral market for us, and we look forward to offering our clients affordable, convenient, and quality services. We are also happy to economically empower the youth in Mombasa by offering employment opportunities to them through the gig economy. Currently, we have onboarded over 300 couriers in Mombasa on our platform, thus helping them make a decent living. We shall continue to work with other couriers and restaurants to create job opportunities for the coastal region. Our growth and expansion signify our commitment to growing the delivery business in Kenya, whilst also ensuring that we promote our country’s economic growth.”

According to data from Statista, the number of users in Africa for platform-to-consumer delivery is expected to reach 79.51 million users by 2027.

This shows a continued increase in the growth of online food delivery services, in which Bolt is already a market leader in Kenya.

It is also estimated that the revenue generated from the platform-to-consumer delivery segment will reach $2.49 billion in 2023.

Bolt’s expansion to Mombasa is a testament to the company’s commitment to offering affordable, safe, and sustainable products and services to all its clients.

Currently, Bolt Food has over 1,500 restaurants on its platform and provides earning opportunities to over 4,000 couriers in Nairobi and its metropolis.

The company has plans to expand to other cities and towns across Kenya.

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