Binance’s crypto career development program in Africa

Binance’s crypto career development program in Africa. PHOTO/Courtesy

Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain ecosystem, has taken its efforts to Cameroon and Francophone Africa at large to provide opportunities for career development in cryptos. It provides blockchain education as well as guidance on acquiring new skills and avoiding scams in the financial world.

Through education, Binance is committed to equipping crypto beginners with resources for lifelong financial and career development. The company has hosted multiple events to educate enthusiasts about the opportunities within the crypto space and how to make a living from these. These education programs are meant to ensure that crypto enthusiasts are well equipped with all the right information and do not fall prey to bad actors or scams.

Since the launch of the Binance Masterclass Education Series , Binance has educated over 541,000 Africans about cryptocurrency. Some of these events have been held both offline and online for French-speaking Africans.

The company  recently hosted its first offline meetup event in Cote D’Ivoire and launched a Crypto Academy, a monthly training program across 4 countries: Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Togo for a start.

This academy is in collaboration with 7 partners as Binance regularly collaborates with local businesses to train and support Africans, as well as empower businesses.

In addition, through regular skills training and the services provided, Binance is creating new job opportunities for Cameroonians.

Binance  shows Africans the career options available in the crypto and blockchain space by hosting bootcamps and hackathons where students get to work on real-time projects where they apply the skills they have gained. Some of these students have gone on to become employed in the workforce, build their own companies, start crypto trading and so much more. Binance gives Africans the opportunity to gain meaningful employment, thereby enabling them to be self-reliant and possibly employers of labour.

Binance has also provided career and income opportunities right from its platform. For example, users who signed up and were accepted for Binance P2P Merchant Program are now able to provide liquidity for buyers or sellers on the platform, thereby making a living from the comfort of their homes. Merchants complete multiple trades per day and make profits on each trade.

Binance P2P  is a safe platform to conduct crypto trades with a robust security framework to ensure users enjoy a safe and secure crypto experience.

Binance is also offering user protection and security lessons to the students. The company  regularly puts protective measures in place to protect its users and ensure that fraudulent activity is prevented. Protection mechanisms such as anti-money laundering measures  and account restrictions have been put in place to ensure that users are protected from scams.

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