Super Metro receives first electric bus from BasiGo

Super Metro will operate from Central Business District (CBD)-Kikuyu and CBD-Kitengela routes.

BasiGo offers its services in a unique Pay-As-You-Drive model.

E-mobility start-up BasiGo has partnered with a popular matatu sacco, Super Metro as a result of this partnership, the public transport sacco received one electric bus.

The firm looking to revolutionize the public transportation sector by providing bus owners with a cost-effective electric alternative to diesel had promised to deliver more than 15 electric buses to these saccos by 2023.

“Super Metro will from today operate an electric bus on the Central Business District (CBD)-Kikuyu and CBD-Kitengela routes,” stated the firm.

BasiGo in the recent past partnered with another popular matatu sacco, Citi Hoppa.

BasiGo offers its services in a unique Pay-As-You-Drive model.

The K6 Electric bus is made affordable to all owners who are eager to transition to clean, electric drive,” the firm states.

 BasiGo is complemented by a Swedish-Kenyan technology firm, Roam that runs the Rome Rapid bus in Nairobi.

These buses are equipped with a 384-kWh battery pack and allow a range of 360 km.

Roam has also partnered with Kenya Mpya Sacco with its buses plying along Thika Road.


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