Axian Group partners with 42 to launch a new coding school in Madagascar

Online registration for the selective tests will open in May and will give access to the “Piscines”, French for “swimming pools”, from September to December 2023. 

Pan-African conglomerate Axian, a group specialising in services and infrastructure, and the prestigious school, 42 have partnered to open a new 42 campus in Antananarivo by the end of the year. 

This will make Madagascar the second African country to join the world’s largest network of digital academies, offering free training and courses that are innovative and open to all, regardless of prior education or age.

The campus will be located at the Galaxy office park in Andraharo across 1,000 m2, furnished specifically for future students and will benefit from synergies across the Axian Group, also headquartered at Galaxy.

 42 Antananarivo will be the network’s fourth campus in Africa—the first three being in Morocco—and the 49th worldwide.

Online registration for the selective tests will open in May and will give access to the “Piscines”, French for “swimming pools”, from September to December 2023. 

This one-month trial will be fully immersive within the school to gauge students’ determination and compatibility with 42’s coaching philosophy, which strongly emphasises independence.  

In early 2024, 150 students should be ready to fully integrate into school, which incorporates courses in programming and back-end management, and innovation entrepreneurship, with the ultimate goal of finding long-term employment opportunities in the labour market. 

Indeed, they will have acquired skills in key digital and programming fields such as big data, artificial intelligence, web development, network and system administration or cybersecurity.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Axian Group, Hassanein Hiridjee said the private sector has a crucial part to play in young Africans’ growth and success in the digital field and the world of work. 

“We need to be able to nurture them here, in Africa and still can provide them sensible and promising career prospects. That is the reason we have partnered with 42, who share our belief in inclusion and excellence. Establishing a campus in Madagascar will allow us to reinforce local talent and meet the growing demand for skills in the digital field. We are already discussing the prospect of opening additional 42 campuses across the other countries we operate in, including in Senegal, as part of our commitment to always having a positive impact on our continent.”  

Managing Director of 42, Sophie Vigier said the institution has always been committed to creating the world’s best IT school.

“Now we have the ideal conditions to do so by replicating the model that has made us successful on an international scale. We’ve already set the standard for accessible education and ethics, and our international network allows us to keep our edge while staying true to ourselves and the values that guide us without compromising the quality of the education we provide. Our goal is to attract diverse talent, and each capable of leveraging their unique experience to solve problems, and are motivated to push their limits wherever they are.”  



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