AI presenter debut at South Africa’s Heart FM

Jay I will be Cape Town's first AI on-air personality, presenting the country's first fully AI-generated radio show with an AI-generated playlist, content, and features.

Heart FM, a Western Cape radio station in South Africa, has recently announced the addition of an entirely Artificial Intelligence(AI)-generated radio presenter to its line-up.

Jay I will be Cape Town’s first AI on-air personality, presenting the country’s first fully AI-generated radio show with an AI-generated playlist, content, and features.

The show was broadcasted in the early hours of the morning on Saturday, April 8th and Jay I’s intellect, personality, and opinions are entirely artificially generated.

Moreover, his voice represents several professional voices tuned to deliver a great voice for radio, and he is capable of evolving according to listener preferences, feedback, and other inputs.

Heart FM’s creative director, Nick Feinberg, said that Jay I was developed to demonstrate the potential of using AI technology in media.

Mr Feinberg emphasized that AI adoption is not a transition away from human-generated content; instead, he wants to show the possibilities and potential of AI in media.

Mr Feinberg believes that “AI can be a tool to find a new balance between human input and refinement and AI-generated content.”

He further added that although a permanent place in the presenter line-up is not yet on the cards, it is not completely off the table for the future.

According to Heart FM, Jay I is dubbed as fun, outspoken, and very bright, and his innate sassiness has more to do with social media influences than his upbringing. The station also invites individuals to download the Heart FM App via Google Play, the App Store, or AppGallery or live stream from the website.

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