5 predictions for crypto and blockchain industry as 2023 comes to and end

John Wu, President of Ava Labs, has five predictions for the crypto and blockchain industry as we approach EOY:

  1. Stablecoin product-market fit will be established. Stablecoin settlements/payments will exceed annual Visa volumes.

  2. Web3 gaming has its first mainstream hit. Triple AAA publishers and old-school games will all build web 3.0 games enabled by blockchains. A breakout hit will see a nine-digit user base globally.

  3. Bitcoin ETF will be approved and Bitcoin marketcap will increase 50% in 2024.

  4. NFTs will be redefined and resurge with utility- not exist just as a collectible. Real-world applications such as customer engagement strategies will demonstrate more clear use cases. i.e loyalty programs.

  5. AI will make Web3 more secure, and vice versa. Large Language Models are perfect for reviewing smart contracts and other vital code to ensure would-be exploits are stopped before they start. DeFi hacks and smart contracts exploits will become rare.

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