200 finance executives trained on cyber security skills

With the development of Malware-as-a-Service, any novice fraudster can now attack devices without any technical knowledge of programming.

Some 200 executives drawn from various banking and financial sector consulting institutions have graduated following a training on cyber security.

 The training, Cyber Shujaa program, designed by the Kenya Bankers Association in partnership with USIU Africa and Serianu, is funded by the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (CFYE).

Central Bank of Kenya Deputy Governor Sheila M’Mbijiwe noted that training is a major contribution to creating a safer and secure cyberspace that underpins the Kenyan financial sector, pointing out that the protection of personal and corporate data is central to the integrity and sustainability of the country’s national payment system.

“We are witnessing a shift from information scarcity to an abundance of data, siloed transactional systems to a coherent and integrated system. A great future abounds but cyber risks remain a wedge between us and the desired digital utopia,” she said, adding that practical training delivered by programmes like Cyber Shujaa are expected to enhance cyber risk mitigation for organisations and the economy at large.

Cyber Shujaa, seeks to address existing gaps within the ICT and Cybersecurity sector by designing practical curriculums, conducting vigorous training for the participants and providing market placement and mentorship of these youth. The sector is in need of  10,000 experts.

USIU-Africa Interim Vice Chancellor Prof. Freida Brown said that the graduates from the Cyber Shujaa Program will assist their organisations to become more compliant with data protection and cyber security.

“The gap and shortage in cyber skills is continuing to grow, leaving organizations and professionals feeling unprepared for different types of cyber threats. The cybersecurity technology stack has advanced along with sophisticated cyberattacks. It is now more important than ever that organizations make training a top priority and ensure the people leveraging these tools have the skill sets to do so effectively,” Prof. Brown said.

“Cyber Shujaa is a multi-agency program that prepares executives in cyber risk management and data protection with practical knowledge and skills that they would otherwise not receive during their academic programs or on the job training,” said Brencil Kaimba, the Lead Data Protection Trainer and Serianu Head of Product Development.

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