20 years warranty for Samsung’s DIT technology washing machines and refrigerators

These laundry machines are designed with improved precision, less noise and minimal vibrations.

Sam Odhiambo, the head of Consumer Electronics Division at Samsung Electronics East Africa.

Samsung Electronics East Africa has announced a 20-year warranty for the Digital Inverter Technologies (DIT) and compressors in its washing machines, and refrigerators starting November 2022.

The Head of Consumer Electronics Division in the company, Mr Sam Odhiambo said the firm is devoted to providing added value for years to its customers and also protecting the environment.

“The 20-year warranty is a showcase of the confidence that we have in our innovation and technology. We want our clients to experience our products with peace of mind, as well as impact the environment positively,” Mr Onyango said, adding that DIT is a crucial core component of the appliances they power.

The company states that, built on more than 25 years of research and development, DIT affects everything from energy efficiency to performance as well as the durability of these machines.

Mr Odhiambo noted that the warranty ensures customers’ need for reliable appliances are met and waste released to the environment is less.

“At Samsung, we believe that true sustainability starts from the home because small choices made every day can have big impacts on the planet. With innovative solutions built into its kitchen and home appliances, backed by the 20-year warranty, Samsung is looking broadly in search of sustainable solutions for the home,” said Mr Odhiambo.

In washing machines, the DIT comes in the form of a Digital Inverter Motor (DIM) used to spin and throb the drum of the washing machine during laundry cycles.

These laundry machines are designed with improved precision, less noise and minimal vibrations.

The new technology reduces the damage to machines even when used extensively, hence making them more durable.

“For users, improved precision and power means faster and more efficient laundry washing. Reduced noise and vibration mean they can do laundry any time, day or night, without worrying about disturbing family members,” he added.

In refrigerators, DIT takes the form of Digital Inverter Compressors (DIC) that act as the heart of the unit, circulating cold air throughout the compartments.

“Samsung’s DIC intelligently adjusts its power depending on circumstances instead of just turning on and off. In practice, this means refrigerators run at higher power settings during high-usage times such as during the day and run at reduced power settings saving energy during low-usage times such as at night. The intelligently efficient DIC can also adjust gradually moving along the power setting scale to save energy and prolong the life of the refrigerator by reducing on and off cycles,” Mr Odhiambo explained.


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