MFS Africa granted 3 licenses to deepen digital payments in Uganda

The acquiring of the licenses comes at a time when the continent is experiencing unprecedented growth in fintech.

MFS Africa has been granted three licences by the Central Bank of Uganda to extend and deepen its offering in the country. The licences obtained – PSP (Payment Service Provider), PSO (Payment Systems Operator), and IPI (Issuer of a Payment Instrument) – will allow MFS Africa to offer a more robust range of services.

MFS Africa has been driving the next stage of this revolution, providing access to more options, connections, and interoperability to millions of digital stores of value.

The organisation’s full-service digital payments network connects over 400 million mobile money wallets, over 200 million bank accounts, and over 200 000 agents in Nigeria to enable cross-platform and cross-border payments for remittance companies, mobile network operators, banks, non-bank financial institutions, and global merchants.

Doreen Lukandwa, VP of Global Enterprises at MFS Africa  says, “As the largest digital payments hub on the continent, MFS Africa rails provide our partners access to innovative, convenient, secure, affordable, and compliant solutions to help our enterprise customers navigate multiple currencies, regulatory requirements, domestic and cross-border payments, treasury services, and expeditious settlement across numerous African countries. This milestone symbolizes our commitment to securing the necessary regulatory oversight designed to protect the interests of enterprises and other partners who serve consumers in Uganda .”

Beyonic, MFS Africa’s flagship SME product, is a new offering from the group and will be launching in Uganda now that the company holds a PSP license. Beyonic will also leverage the IPI license for its virtual card offering.

Daniel Maison, Head of SME Growth for Beyonic, says that the acquiring of the licences comes at a time when the continent is experiencing unprecedented growth, particularly when it comes to fintech. “Small businesses are the engine of the African economy and the lifeblood of communities. Beyonic’s primary goal is to promote the growth of these businesses, and by providing a centralised financial tool, Beyonic improves the way these businesses pay and get paid.”

Africa is a melting pot for entrepreneurship and innovation at grass-roots level. Because of this, inclusion and scaling have become crucial in accelerating development.

By bringing this  solution to Uganda, MFS Africa is  reaffirming its acute awareness of the vast potential the region and continent hold. Cultivating an environment for this with the offering,through fast, secure, and trustworthy services that enable small and large companies to quickly scale, drive operational excellence, and access capital, will only yield fruitful results.

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