M-TIBA enters partnership in new plan to expand digital health in Kenya, Africa

Our primary goal as a foundation is to align with other African countries to confront the most challenging dilemmas in healthcare and find new solutions

(From left) Silicon Overdrive Kenya Specialist Erick Odipo, Zuri Health Co-Founder Daisy Isiaho, M-TIBA Managing Director Moses. G. Kuria and Digital Health Specialist Dinah Mwangi

Digital healthcare platform, M-TIBA has partnered with the PharmAccess Foundation, Northwestern University and the County Government of Kisumu to support the launch of the Grace Onyango Foundation, promoting the digitization of healthcare in Kenya and Africa at large.

The Foundation launched in Kisumu was named after Grace Onyango, an educator and pioneer woman leader who was the first female councilor, mayor, MP of Kisumu and acting speaker of the Kenyan parliament.

“It is meaningful that we can honor the life and public service of such an icon, Mama Grace Onyango. Our primary goal as a foundation is to align with other African countries to confront the most challenging dilemmas in healthcare and find new solutions,” said the Chairman of the foundation, Prof Khama Rogo.

Prof Rogo added that the foundation is committed to promoting digital health innovations in Africa led by African scientists, doctors and engineers.

“Digital health advances can help the continent jump and fast track universal healthcare access, especially to the remote and low-resourced populations in Africa,” he said at the event that brought together research institutions, government officials and other key health stakeholders to establish digital health interventions to strengthen healthcare systems and access across Africa.

The launch pulled a group of multi-sectoral partners supporting its mission, which is to have African professionals, especially women innovators, lead the development of digital health interventions, the next quantum leap in health care worldwide.

“The Grace Onyango Foundation for Digital Health in Africa is working to consolidate these existing solutions and leverage digital innovations through a multi-sectoral partnership approach that will shape the future of healthcare,” he added.

During the launch, it was noted that many Kenyans, especially low-income households, spend a third of their resources on healthcare payments.

Managing Director of M-TIBA, Mr Moses Kuria said digital technology is transforming healthcare at a significantly higher rate compared to the traditional systems.

He indicated that digital tools like mapping and data automation have been game changers as all healthcare challenges are universal, and technology makes it easier to replicate solutions to other regions and even continents.

“Building transparency and trust in healthcare have been made possible through our technology solution, which has earned the trust of over 4.6 million users and about 4,000 service providers in Kenya on our digital platform. Universities, research institutions, governments, incubators, investors, digital network providers and others, play a critical role in connecting these key players to African start-ups in digital health.” Said Mr Kuria.

M-TIBA platform enhances the expansion, enrolment, and retention of a range of health schemes through its partnership between PharmAccess, Safaricom and Investment Funds for Health in Africa (IFHA).

The platform has also revolutionized the health sector in the Nigerian market.

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