FEASTER: There is a huge opportunity for the creative video community in Africa

Sometimes YouTube is the catalyst, other times the main money-maker.

Jennifer Feaster says YouTube really is the key to reaching just about everyone with an internet connection.

Jennifer Feaster is a Managing Partner at Age Africa, an agency that combines data and creativity to develop performance-driven YouTube channels, with unique content optimized for success. 

The agency works with the next generation of creators, brands, publishers and artists in Africa.

Jennifer is one of the speakers at The YouTube Creators Festival, a three-day convention that commences today in Accra, Ghana and will bring all content creators across the region to engage, educate and inspire in the global YouTube community.

The festival is powered by a leading digital marketing and content creation agency in Ghana,

 Entamoty with several local and international partners.

The conference will be climaxed with the Creators Awards night and Concert, which will recognize hard-working and influential content creators in Ghana. 

Speaking to Afcacia, here is what Ms Feaster had to say:

You are one of the speakers at The YouTube Creators Festival that kicks off today. Why is this event important to you?

We see a huge opportunity for the creative video community in Ghana among other African countries, to earn a living by sharing their stories on YouTube. We’re very excited to be a part of this movement.

As a speaker at the festival, what are you going to tell about Age Africa Agency?

At Age Africa Agency, we say it’s better to show than to tell. We have a lot of great examples of creators from different walks of life, each with their message and their own goals, who are using the YouTube platform to reach new audiences and create revenue. Sometimes YouTube is the catalyst, other times the main money-maker. Whatever the goals, we can help shape a strategy that works for the creator and their business. 

Can you tell us a bit more about Age Africa Agency and some recent developments?

Age Africa Agency has been founded by some companies with a long track record in Africa and with YouTube. One of the founders is AfricaWeb, a big online publisher in Africa and is hosting Ghanawein.com, the biggest website in the country.

CameroonWeb, the biggest news site in the country has started a mobile TV station in Ghana, GhanaWebTV and opened its news platform to bloggers and creators through its feature GhanaWeb reporter. 

As such, we are building a large online video presence, very attractive to advertisers. 

Another founder is Age Media, which operates worldwide and supports more than 1,300 Youtube channels. 

The third founder is Africa Business Communities with its in-house agency Africa Influencer Agency. Africa Business Communities is the biggest influencer on LinkedIn to Africa.

Age Africa is a young company with mature stakeholders. We have shown some good results to our initial clients, such as the Ghana Football Association and StarTimes and some individual artists. We are now talking to agencies and advertisers to include these channels in the regular TV planning.

Age Africa Agency is part of the Age family? What is the expertise of Age and can you tell us why you make YouTube creators happy?

Our team includes experts in search engine optimization (SEO), the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic; data, content creation, copy writing, graphic design, talent management, music and rights management. They’re all very much into YouTube. It’s a powerful combination and it means we can help creators thrive in all aspects of their business. 

What has been the experience of your most recent clients in Ghana working with you? What are you proud of? Name one example.

Ghana Football Association: views doubled and earnings tripled just a month after optimizing and coaching their media team.

GhanaWeb TV is supported by Age Africa Agency as a YouTube multi-channel network (MCN). What did the cooperation learn you?

GhanaWeb TV is a media powerhouse with a very talented team of professionals. We’ve learned a lot about how to integrate YouTube into the media strategy, as well as how to hand over our skills and knowledge to the local team.

What is your opinion are the most obvious opportunities for content creators on Youtube in Ghana?

YouTube monetization, brand deals, live streaming. But partnering with online publishers such as GhanaWeb TV and GhanaWeb reporter has the most immediate impact in expanding the reach and growing revenue.

Statistics indicate that YouTube represents 69.7 percent of the total internet usage in Ghana with the number of registered users growing rapidly by the day. How can content creators leverage this penetration to commercialize their content?

That’s something you can’t ignore. YouTube is the key to reaching just about everyone with an internet connection. But it’s also a very sophisticated platform with countless options to optimize content for performance. It means that in addition to creating content, you also need to have a broad range of skills (from graphic design to data analysis) to make sure your content gets discovered.

If YouTube creators are interested to become a client with Age Africa Agency, what should they do?

Please fill out our contact form on our website.

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