Del Monte Kenya launches innovative biofertilizer plant

As the largest single exporter of Kenyan products, Del Monte Kenya Limited is an important contributor to the country’s economic development and takes pride in investing in the people and prosperity of Kenya.

Del Monte Kenya Ltd., a prominent producer, marketer, and distributor of premium fresh fruit and prepared food across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as a key player in Kenya’s agricultural sector, has announced the inauguration of an innovative biofertilizer plant.

This facility will convert the company’s pineapple residues into biofertilizers, marking a significant advancement in potentially reshaping Kenya’s agricultural industry. This initiative underscores a commitment to sustainable practices and aims to enhance the local community through innovation, job opportunities, and investment.

Located strategically near Del Monte Kenya’s operations, the newly established biofertilizer plant will utilize pineapple residues from the company’s cannery to produce four distinct types of biofertilizers. These products will be utilized internally and also offered for sale to other growers in East Africa. The plant not only optimizes resource utilization but also establishes a new standard for environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture across the region.

Biofertilizers, leveraging natural microbes, facilitate plant growth by enhancing nutrient supply, improving soil texture and yield, and offering a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional fertilizers.

“As the largest single exporter of Kenyan products, we are proud to contribute to the advancement of sustainable practices through initiatives like the biofertilizer plant,” said Wayne Cook, Del Monte Kenya’s Acting Deputy Managing Director. “The investment not only reflects our commitment to our people and communities but also positions Kenya as a leader in sustainable agriculture, fostering a greener and more prosperous future for all.”

The new plant is currently undergoing testing and is scheduled to be fully operational by June. As the single largest exporter in the country, Del Monte Kenya already directly employs 6,500 Kenyan workers. With the establishment of this plant, the company aims to further bolster the local economy and expand its presence and influence in the region.

The biofertilizer plant reflects Del Monte Kenya’s commitment to innovation and its objective of maximizing residue utilization, improving soil fertility, and meeting the increasing demand from consumers for nutritious, sustainably grown produce.

As Del Monte Kenya embarks on this transformative journey, it remains deeply committed to fostering sustainable practices that benefit both its employees and the communities it serves.

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