Airtel debuts Airtel Ads, paving the way for advanced digital advertising in Africa

Airtel Ads heralds a new era in the realm of digital advertising in Africa, promising a dynamic and innovative landscape for advertisers and businesses alike.

Airtel Africa has unveiled Airtel Ads, marking a historic moment as Africa’s inaugural integrated Demand-Side Platform (DSP). The innovative platform is poised to empower advertisers and agencies by enabling them to efficiently manage, purchase, and optimize digital ad inventory across multiple ad exchanges in real-time.

Developed in collaboration with, Airtel Ads is strategically designed to streamline the process of purchasing advertising space for media agencies and businesses. This pioneering feature amalgamates various tools and functionalities within a singular platform, offering advertisers the ability to make well-informed ad placement decisions. Airtel Ads is set to revolutionize digital advertising management, providing a comprehensive solution for the evolving needs of the industry.

The platform capitalizes on Airtel Africa’s expansive customer base, surpassing 150 million customers, by leveraging data from both telecommunications services and mobile wallets.

This unique approach not only targets digitally engaged individuals but also extends its reach to those traditionally excluded from the digital realm, including users of 2G and feature phones. Additionally, through the integration of Airtel Voice Reward Ads, the platform boasts the capability to connect with consumers across various devices, enhancing its versatility.

Recognizing the challenges faced by organizations in current advertising landscapes, Airtel Ads aims to seamlessly integrate all ad networks with Airtel Africa’s first-party telecommunications data. The platform offers a unified advertising solution featuring precise audience segmentation, a dedicated marketing team, data analytics with post-campaign support, native language support, and access to over 260 bidding parameters.

Powered by AI-based brand safety tools, Airtel Ads goes a step further by accepting payments in local African currencies, catering to the diverse financial ecosystems within the continent.

Since its introduction, Airtel Ads has demonstrated remarkable success, achieving a weekly audience reach of 27 billion impressions, 23.5 million in-app daily impressions, and over 200 million daily SMS notifications, presenting significant potential with end-of-SMS tag messaging.

Commenting on the groundbreaking launch, Anthony Shiner, Chief Commercial Officer of Airtel Africa, expressed excitement about the introduction of Airtel Ads in Africa. Shiner emphasized that this innovative platform will empower advertisers and businesses, providing unprecedented control over their marketing campaigns.

It is poised to support businesses in achieving their objectives by utilizing data-first tools to inform strategic business decisions. Airtel Ads heralds a new era in the realm of digital advertising in Africa, promising a dynamic and innovative landscape for advertisers and businesses alike.

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