Huawei invests $35 million to accelerate SMEs’ digital transformation

Huawei has assigned a total of 600 joint solution developers in 11 OpenLabs around the world

 Huawei has established $ 35 million program for small and medium sized enterprises in a bid to accelerate their adoption of new technologies. Known as the ‘Empower Program’ it is designed for the firms’ digital transformation journeys in which Huawei will partner with them to rollout technological solutions to enhance their end-to-end capabilities in research and development, marketing, sales, supply, and services.

To do so, Huawei has assigned a total of 600 joint solution developers in 11 OpenLabs around the world to accelerate technology application in six fields, including shifting from transaction to digital engagement, developing cloud-native applications and data, evolving infrastructure, industrializing data and AI application, enhancing real-time data analysis, and moving towards a cutting-edge AI brain.

Speaking at a press conference themed ‘Leading Digital Infrastructure for New Value Together’ Bob Chen, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise BG said Huawei had established that at least 40 million SMEs have significant digital transformation needs.

“Our aim is to contribute to their innovative improvement of productivity, make this productivity visible and speed up evolution towards the future,” he said.

Huawei Enterprise has increased investment in joint market expansion, enablement, and marketing with partners. Through this, Huawei aims to guide and encourage more capable partners to help customers achieve digital success. The firm will strengthen the investment in partners’ digital tools and platforms, including offering centralized digital platforms (with both PC and mobile) to support partners’ online marketing, trading and services. To date, it has developed more than 100 solutions for a wide range of industry scenarios.

In the future, Huawei will continue to work with partners to stay customer-centric, deepen industry scenario engagement, and respond to changing requirements through innovation. It will also support customers on their digital transformation journeys and accelerate digitalisation among SMEs, in the pursuit of a more connected and intelligent world.


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