Here are FLX Networks’s new partners

More asset management firms join community platform, utilizing diversified services and resources

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FLX Networks has announced the addition of five asset management firms to the platform, underscoring the appeal of the fintech pioneer’s offerings amongst the asset management industry.

Responding to the need for more efficiency, productivity, and cost savings to asset managers in today’s evolving financial services environment, FLX has resonated with firms of all sizes and asset classes.

Through both its front office resources ranging from marketing to distribution and its centralized destination for intellectual capital and investment products, FLX delivers this modernized approach to nearly 60 asset managers currently.

“At FLX, we’ve remained steadfast in our mission to provide clients with innovative solutions that increase productivity and decrease costs. Our relationships with these new managers do just that. We look forward to enhancing the success of each of these firms,” said Brian Moran, FLX Founder & CEO.

More on some of the newest FLX members:


PMV Capital was founded to help advisors build diversified portfolios that are balanced throughout the economic cycle. PMV believes the industry will quickly move away from the traditional stock/bond approach and towards risk parity portfolios, which are common amongst institutional investors. The firm plans to launch two ETF products before year-end, and currently offers separately managed accounts with no subadvisory fees. Their ability to linearly scale risk means that investors across the risk spectrum remain well-diversified.

“PMV has developed a TrueDiversification process to improve upon the passive risk parity portfolio. PMV is the physics equation for momentum as we believe a persistency in the macro-economic environments which influence risk premiums creates momentum in asset prices. Our goal is to provide investors across the spectrum with balanced portfolios and high risk-adjusted returns. We’re excited to partner with FLX and begin working with its large network of advisors,” noted Daniel Snover, CFA, President at PMV.

Third Avenue Management

Third Avenue Management LLC is a New York City-based investment adviser founded in 1986 by legendary investor Martin J. Whitman. For more than 35 years, the Firm has consistently pursued a modern-value approach to investing by focusing on the company’s balance sheet, the value of its underlying assets, the discounted price of its securities, and the ability of the enterprise to increase its corporate net worth over time.

The firm is partnered with Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. and has more than $1.25 billion in assets under management across its four core strategies, which are available to investors through Mutual Funds, UCITS, Separate Accounts, and Sub-Advisory Arrangements.

“We believe that Brian Moran and the FLX team have established a market-leading platform that will enable Third Avenue to reach a broader set of wealth managers in need of value-based investment strategies,” said Erik Kleinbeck, Head of Business Development.

“As the landscape around value investing, and active management more generally, continues to evolve, it’s clear that strategic technology and modern means of communications are necessary to enhance engagement and the experience of our clients. We are excited to partner with FLX and their platform, which streamlines this process by harnessing the experience of the many industry veterans comprising the FLX team.”


Wakefield Asset Management

Wakefield Asset Management focuses on proprietary quantitative behavior investment techniques that not only identify market inefficiencies but captures those inefficiencies over time. Wakefield uses a highly disciplined and technologically advanced process for research, security selection, implementation, and monitoring.

The resulting portfolios exhibit a unique combination of characteristics with positive near-term expectations that, in our view, will be rewarded by the market in the period ahead regardless of market direction.

“Wakefield Asset Management is thrilled to be joining the FLX Network community of asset managers.  We look forward to a robust partnership with the talented team at FLX,” said Lance Peterson, Head of Distribution.


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