Propel pioneers Deep Learning to PR with revamped platform

Propel is an emerging leader in Public Relations Management (PRM) technology and creator of Artificial Media Intelligence (AMI) with over 500 customers

Propel, a Public Relations Management (PRM) platform and creator of Artificial Media Intelligence (AMI), has launched of a new version of its platform, Propel 2.0.

The AI run platform will make the entire PR process from pitch to publish more streamlined than ever. After first rolling out an initial beta to select customers, the upgrade was released to all customers on February 25.

The PR industry has been notoriously slow to innovate new technologies into its workflows, with many people in the profession still relying on spreadsheets and mail merges to send out pitches and press releases to people in the media. This leads to spray and pray tactics by PR pros hoping to land a story, and journalist inboxes filled with irrelevant pitches.

However, Propel 2.0 uses deep learning and machine learning to enable PR professionals to find the best, most relevant reporters for their organizations’ stories and pitch them the way they want to be pitched.

Trained on a constantly updating proprietary dataset of over 5 million pitches and press releases, the AI that runs the platform streamlines every step in the PR process. For instance, the AI sets parameters for the platform’s genAI to generate pitches and press releases based on journalist preferences. It also creates media lists of relevant reporters based on their beat as well as their previous articles, ensuring that only the most relevant stories end up in journalist inboxes.

The game-changing upgrade boasts an extensive database of journalists driven by AI that was trained using Propel’s unique dataset.  It’s significantly larger and more comprehensive than its predecessors, and is the only database in the world that uses Reinforced Learning through Human Feedback.

This means that the model is constantly learning and improving itself. It is also a  fresh, user-friendly interface.

It promises to enable PR professionals to start using the platform almost immediately. Once the simple set-up is complete, all a user needs to do is put in the domain name of their client, and the AI will automatically begin suggesting relevant outlets and journalists to pitch.

PR practitioners can generate a draft personalized pitch right in the email itself with only a short prompt. At the same time, they can personalize each pitch by having a custom lead paragraph written to each individual journalist based on either their last or similar articles. 

“Our goal with the Propel 2.0 revamp is to redefine how PR professionals work,” said Zach Cutler, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Propel. “By incorporating advanced generative AI through all aspects of the PR workflow and offering a broader database of journalists, this product will equip PR professionals with the necessary tools to be more efficient and strategic.”

Given the current hurdles in garnering earned media coverage resulting from newsroom layoffs as well as the overall changing media landscape, Propel hopes to seeing the positive impact of these updates on our customers’ media coverage.


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